This week's Star Magazine
Star Magazine ONLINE has published bits a pieces of a secret MI6 document.

Quoted from the Star--The amazing memo stamped "Top Secret" and put together from MI6 sources throughout Europe, also said "Reliable source reports palace seriously disturbed by liaison."

And it (the memo) added that British Prime Minister Tony Blair "considers any Fayed relationship politically disastrous."

The same memo names top British sp David Spedding and claims he asked authorities in Britain and the United States "for assistance in providing a permanent solution to Dodi problem."

It alleges that Buckingham Palace gave the move the thumbs up, even though the White House turned it down.--(End of Star quotes)

Excerpted from the forward to
Diana, Queen of Heaven, The New World Religion

An article written by "Ru Mills" (pseudonym) and published in Conspiracy Nation (CN 12.08) gave details on the arrest of a "George Mearah" (apparently also known as Oswald LeWinter) for allegedly trying to sell top secret CIA documents to Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi Al-Fayed who died with Princess Diana in a suspicious car crash on August 31, 1997.

Here is a copy of one of the purported CIA documents, apparently published in the London Mirror:

Foreign Intelligence Information Report Directorate of Intelligence


NO: 00.D 831/173466-97
DATE DISTR: 17 June 1997
SUBJECT: File overview: Diana Princess Of Wales-Dodi
SOURCE: CAS Paris, CAS London, COS Geneva, CAS Kingston, UK citizen Ken Etheridge

  1. Relationship initiated between Diana POW and Dodi aF according to reliable intel sources in November 1996. Intimacy begins shortly after they meet. (Report filed)
  2. Reliable source reports Palace seriously disturbed by liaison. PM considers any al Fayed relationship politically disastrous. Edinburgh (Prince Phillip -ed) sees serious threat to dynasty should relationship endure. Quote reported: "Such an affair is racially and morally repugnant and no son of a bedouin camel trader is fit for the mother of a future king," Edinburgh. (Report filed)
  3. Request from highest circles to DEA attache UK for 6 on Dodi re: Cocaine. See File forwarded to UK embassy DC. (Copy filed)
  4. US liaison to MI6 requested by David Spedding for assistance in providing permanent solution to Dodi problem. Blessing of Palace secured (Twiz filed)
  5. WHuse (White House -ed) denies Spedding request. Harrison authorized only to arrange meeting for MI6 representative with K-Team Geneva. (Twiz on file)
  6. Meeting in Geneva reportedly successful (Report filed)
  7. al Fayed Mercedes Limo stolen and returned with electronics missing. Reliable intel source confirms K-team involved. Source reports car rebuilt to respond to external radio controls. (Report filed)
  8. COB Geneva reports that on May 28, 1997 heavily weighted Fiat Turbo...(end of page text)

For more information on these documents and Richard Tomlinson, the MI6 operative who is credited by the Star Magazine with releasing them, click on the Diana Forum link and scroll down the page until you find the Tomlinson links. One of them is the document that releases the names of MI6 operatives. You find the names in the above documents on that list.

Page 9 of Diana, Queen of Heaven states the above document came from Division 5 of the FBI Counter Intelligence unit in New York City, and was given to Oswald Le Winter. Evidently the purpose of the "leaked" document was to "surface" documents proving that Diana was murdered.

From the moment LeWinter "surfaced" the documents, he was "expendable". He is currently in prison in Austria. The following is a letter received by Rayelan Allan on January 9, 1999. Parts of it are quoted on page 9 of the book:

January 8, 1999

Dear Raye,

Thanks for your card and info. The $20.00 you sent has been placed among my property (it was confiscated) and will await my release someday. They no longer accept cash unless it is Austrian Shillings. But thanks anyway. At least I'll have twenty bucks when I get out since my wife is divorcing me and well leave me without a cent of money.

My social security isn't enough to pay my medical bills, just enough by an HMO. Because of the 85 Iran- Contra mess I don't receive a pension. But enough disaster. If I think about things I can really become depressed.

The case about which I can tell you a little was an off-the shelf "company" operation. At my trial, Al Fayed's security chief testified that my arrest was planned in D.C. by CIA and FBI a month before I was taken into custody in Vienna. At the time of my arrest, I was shown documents which were found in my hotel room. I had not seen them until then since another member of the team in Vienna had given then to me the night before. (The police found no fingerprints of mine on the papers.) I had a choice at my arrest to identify the documents as genuine or as fakes. If I said genuine I would face charges in the U.S. of high treason. I said they were forgeries and was arrested for Fraud, tried and found guilty despite the evidence of entrapment.

The other team members, one a high ranking "suit" in the agency, all escaped. One went home, had a fling with my wife by feeding her some sort of bull shit, whereupon she "gave" him my brand new Jaguar which has now vanished. God knows where. It appears as though he was part of a plot to get me since a senior FBI official in Vienna told the newspapers that "The CIA wanted to get Le Winter out of circulation since he was too dangerous as its former chief expert on disinformation and had been a whistle blower for a number of years."

The police also testified under oath the whole action was directed by the FBI and that they acted under their instructions. An FBI agent was present at my arrest, questioning and search of the hotel room. Please feel free to share this with Rodney. (Rodney Stich, author of Defrauding America)

Another fact which I have documents for is as follows: The Austrian justice ministry sent a request concerning the documents taken from my hotel to the CIA with a request concerning their real or forged status and also requested that a government expert be sent to testify at my trail under oath concerning the documents.

The US government waited three months before responding. Their reply stated that the documents were "not authentic", no word about them being forged. They also refused to send any expert to testify under oath. As for the documents, I will ask my attorney to send you copies of same for the web.

Sam Anson of the L.A. Weekly seems interested and I wonder what, if anything, he will write. I will need money to live when I get out and would be willing to write a book and reveal the truth about the "conspiracy to hide the truth" about Diana's death. If you can find a publisher, with a large advance, I would be willing to pay a agent's fee to whomever helps.

The true facts would shakes the world to its foundations, since it involves a number of government and more than a number of intelligence services.

By the way, please tell Rodney that his postal money order will be returned because the rules have changed. The money order can't be cashed here and U.S. dollar notes will almost not be accepted. The only possibility is that he send US money to my lawyer, Dr. Krebs who must convert it in schillings and then pay it into my jail account. That goes for anyone who want to send me a few dollars which I can badly use.

Karl Koecher (one of the team members who was identified by Austrian police) was a colonel in Czech intelligence who worked at the CIA. We became friends. I was instrumental in getting him exchanged after he was jailed, for Anatoly Sharansky. He was here but escaped hack to Prague. Nobody got killed here.

I have heard a rumor that I may be called as a witness at the Pinochet trial in Spain because I was in the room with Dave Phillips when Pinochet gave the order to kill all the folks in the Stadium.

We'll see, please try to start a massive action of letters to the President of Austria asking for an executive pardon. I am old, sick (very) and have or am losing everything I care about and I'm really innocent.

Al Fayed has gotten into contact with me now and would like to have the truth. Isn't that irony of ironies?

All the best,

Dr. Oswald LeWinter
Wilhelm's's Hhe Tullnerbach
A-3021 Pressbaum

Note from Rayelan:

Oswald would appreciate any letters and information. the following letter gives the addresses for Le Winter's lawyer and how to send him money. It also gives the address of the President of Austria.

It is obvious to me that LeWinter WAS set up to take the fall for "surfacing" the above document. Like many other CIA operatives, once the operation is finished, they are sacrificed. Some are only thrown in prison, others face a much worse fate.

Oswald would appreciate letters. But realize that it takes about $1.50 for him to mail a letter in reply. So if you want a reply, please send the appropriate international money order or check to Oswald's lawyer. Your bank should be able to advise you. Just make sure that whatever you send can be cashed in Austrian Schillings. Also let Oswald know how much you sent and the number of it.... just in case it somehow gets lost

Oswald would also appreciate a letter sent to the President of Austria. When my exhusband, Gunther Russbacher was in the same prison, I wrote many letters to the President of Austria. While the letters didn't do much to achieve an early release, they did help Gunther receive better medical care and treatment. Your letter will let the Austrian authorities know that many American are aware of Le Winter's imprisonment and we are watching how they treat him.

His letters will continue to be published here on the Diana, Queen of Heaven page.

1, Feb 99

Dear Raye,

Received your package of Internet news. Many thanks! Your letter raises many questions and I shall try to answer them as best I can.

Very canny of you to uncover the connection "Mearah" with Cave and Cave with LeWinter. (LeWinter is referring to a letter I sent him in which I told him how I figured out that George Mearah and Oswald LeWinter were one in the same) Often, in the "Company" two people have the same alias at the same times. It's necessary in order to "disinform", for the "same person" to be in two places, far apart, at the same time. That is likely the case with Gunther, or was.

You are right about Division 5, only it is not merely FBI. It is an amalgam of CIA, FBI Counter-Intel, DIA, ONI AFOSI, etc. But it is not the most secret elite organization, that is UFOS (Unauthorized Foreign Ops Section) which was under the direct control of the Director, and only 20 men. I joined this group when Casey was DCI.

I had been a protege of Angleton's. It's true that my expertise was in disinformation but I have never disinformed after 88 when I was paid to diffuse the October Surprise story.

As for the action I am in jail for, its true I was the "pawn sacrifice" but I was not "out of the loop." I know pretty much the whole business and plans etc. What landed me in the shit is pretty complicated. When and if I get out and survive, I will tell all and I believe the establishment will topple or at least be shaken to its foundations.

As for money, I sure could use some. I am pretty broke and my wife is divorcing me, which makes it tough as hell. If you wish to get some money to me, the best thing is to collect it together and send a bank check in Austrian Schillings to my lawyer who will deposit it in my prison account. I don't even have much money left for stamps. They have changed the rules and will not take cash anymore. U.S. Postal Money orders are not negotiable abroad.. Money instruments must be international. My lawyer is:

RA Dr. Klaus Krebs
Karntner Ring 10
1010 Wien (Vienna)

Please let me know when you send him some money and how much, because trust is OK but control is better.

I started giving real info partly to Barbara Honneger, but completely in 1990 after George Bush and Ollie North screwed me and I got no pardon for my part in Iran-Contra.

As for the letter asking the President of Austria to pardon me, send as many as you can get, especially name people, to:

President Thomas Klestil,
The Hofburg
1010 Wien

Ten thousand letters would do for a start. Do you think you could do it over the net?

I was born in Vienna and had to leave in 1939 when Hitler came to power. My mother's family are nobility but not royal. The real name is now LeWinter.

Please tell Skolnick and others that I was never in the Navy, never in ONI. I was in military Intelligence and made it to two stars. At NATO (head of Itac) I was a brigadier general.

As for what I write to you, you can publish any of it on the Web or any place else. The reason there are no images of me, none were allowed of the UFOS. No one in the agency knew of our existence except the DCI's.

Tell Rodney if he talks to my wife, to try to talk her out of divorcing me. I love her very much.

One of the reasons Faction One wanted me out of the way is because I could have saved Clinton from much of the trouble he's having. I had evidence that Henry Hyde was part of a conspiracy to obstruct justice re: October Surprise.

All my thanks for what you are doing.


Dr. Oswald LeWinter 1d4529/98
Wilhelm's Hhe Tullnerbach
A-3021 Pressbaum

Visions of Diana Appearing
To Children in Kosovo

On page 77 of her new book, Rayelan Allan predicted that "very soon, visions of Diana will begin to appear all over the world". The visions have begun sooner that she expected.

Click here for story from the Rumor Mill News Archives:

Vision of Diana Rescues Kosovo's War Orphans.

The DianaCult Begins!

On page 15 of Diana, Queen of Heaven, Rayelan states: "The Teachings of Diana, started appearing shortly after the death of the Princess....they tell of the sick and dying. Some were instantly healed by the Goddess... so say The Teachings of the Goddess Diana" The Bible of the Diana Cult.

It appears that the Church of Diana has already been formed!

The Church of Diana
Founded by Chairman Yao

Chairman Yao, (reminiscent of Chairman Mao), has created a Church of Diana based on the conversations he has had with the Princess... after she died! In her book, Rayelan Allan lays out a compelling scenario in which the New World Order uses Princess Diana to create a NewWorld Religion, one in which humans will be little more than programmed slaves.

The Church of Diana, formed by Chairman Yao, is just the beginning. In choosing the name chairman Yao for the church prophet, it appears that the New World Order is laughing at all of us. Chairman Yao, who was educated at Yale, claims to be born in Tibet and is an evolved soul. Was he really born in Tibet? If so, is he Chinese or Tibetan? If he is Chinese, who is his father? A high official in the Chinese communist party? Was Chairman Yao educated with Chairman Mao's little red book of communist dogma? Will the bible of the Church of Diana be based on the communist doctrines of Mao's little red book? If the New World Order has their way, the cult of Diana will be patterned after the forced servitude and order of Communist China. Click here for the Church of Diana